The Empower Physio & Pilates treatment method solves the cause of problems, rather than merely managing symptoms.

Our physiotherapy based Clinical Pilates is established on scientific evidence and integrates cutting edge research.

                             - Sara Dore


Physiotherapy treatment is with an 
experience post graduate trained 
clinician who will assess, diagnose 
and treat physical injuries, disabilities 
and conditions.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is unique and very 
different from generic or fitness pilates. 
It focuses on individually tailored 
exercise rehabilitation programmes.


Quality, professional and client-focused 
consultancy service provided to other 
clinicians to optimise the integration of 
Clinical Pilates into their clinics.


DMA Clinical Pilates courses provide 
the highest level of professional pilates 
based training for physiotherapists, 
osteopaths and chiropractors worldwide.

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